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April 27th, 2010

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Great Cell Phone Accessories

March 30th, 2010

by Nicole Jessie

bluetooth headset

Today you will find different kinds of accessories which are superior in quality and quantity. The basic idea of using them is to increase the performance so that they are long lasting. When the accessories are added to the gadgets they give an entirely different look to them. Thus the appearance changes and makes the cellular phones a bit smarter.

Therefore let us discover the features of a few accessories.

1. Bluetooth Headsets
People who are interested in talking too much on the phone, it is the best device for them. It has a small and compact size which can be fitted anywhere. In order to buy the best quality headset it is necessary that it is noise and echo free. And at the same time it should be compatible with your device.

2. Memory Card
An important advantage of using a memory card is that huge data can be stored like music, games and videos. You can even share your data with other devices. But before you buy you must check whether your cell phone supports memory card or not.

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3. Bluetooth Dongle
If your PC does not support Bluetooth facility then this device helps you to
Wirelessly connect to other devices and transfer data. It only cost about $20.

cell phone accessories

4. Car Charger
People who are into business need that they batteries must be powered up. So they use car chargers as they can be used even while they are driving. A good charger is one which can fit into the socket. The adapter should withstand 12-24 volts voltage with short circuiting protection. If a charger has an LED indicator then it will indicate you when the charging is over.

5. In Car Bluetooth Hands Free Kit
The Bluetooth car kit is used as dual purpose equipment through which you can chat while driving. It can be easily connected to the mobile phone through Bluetooth connection via socket. Always go for that kit which will provide noise free and echo free talking.

6. Battery

cell battery

Though all the mobile phones have a battery when you buy them but in case it is lost or damaged then you need an extra battery. But check the compatibility of your battery with your cellular phones.

7. AC Charger
The AC charger is one which can charge your cell phone both at home or in office. It is light weighted making it easy to carry and handle.

So are you fascinated to buy these accessories then don’t think too much just rush to the market and get some amazing accessories for your cell phone. Enjoy a great experience with them.

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Which Computer Monitors Are Right For You?

March 23rd, 2010

by Chris Evans

LCD Monitor

Many people are always looking to get the best electronics they can get their hands on. People are throwing out their old computer monitors in order to make room for new upgrades. If you are looking around for a new monitor for your PC or even laptop, take a look around at this guide to the major monitors on the market today.

Famous Maker 20″ LCD Display – Refurbished (TS-20Q) only $99.99

Most of you might already have the basic CRT computer monitor connected to your PC right now. These screens were introduced years ago and have brought on a variety of advantages that people have been soaking up. For one thing, the picture will last forever without any broken pixels or picture distortion. You will also find that the prices are very low only averaging around $25 for a new monitor.

LCD Monitor

Now, if you want something that is affordable as well as high tech, look towards the LCD computer monitors. These are becoming a household fixture for people of all ages. You do not need to be a gamer or a movie watcher to enjoy a nice large LCD computer screen! They are simply to set up, lightweight and incredibly durable. For as little as $75, you could have a brand new monitor!

ViewSonic 23″ 1080p LCD HD Monitor – Widescreen (VA2323WM) only $186.99

Plasma is now being used in order to produce television screens as well as computer monitors. If you want to spend a little bit of extra cash and get a top quality product, this plasma monitor is for you. Many well know companies and brands are creating their own versions and styles so make sure to watch out for these on the market soon. Save up now, because these will start out into the $200 range!


You will always need to opt for the flat screen computer monitor option. Flat screens go hand in hand with LCD monitors and will never let you down. They weigh less than 3 pounds and will save you excessive amounts of space at the same time. College students and even professions love to use the flat screens!

You will not have to look very far for the best computer monitors. The internet has a number of sites and retailers that will sell all types of monitors for low, low prices. Make sure to take a look around and check out a larger screen size so that you can enjoy your computer even more!

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Buying monitors should no longer be difficult as there are loads of online retailers that provide you with information on the monitors that you can buy along with reviews that can help you make your choice. Please visit Ebuyer.com for a range of monitors.

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March 21st, 2010

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